Faucet and fixture


Simon Plumbing Heating and Cooling specializes in plumbing services related to bathroom fixtures. It is worthwhile to mention that the shower facility is distinct from the rest of the faucets found in a house, even though it is a part of the bathroom faucet. Plumbing work regarding showers has to be done separately from the rest of the faucets. While installing showers, we take care to choose the best supplies to enhance their look and feel.

Shower faucets are installed in the wall. They allow you to have different functions for your shower, like the ability to have both a shower head and body sprays, or you can even add music to your shower experience. With more and more people growing conscious about the quality of water used, you can install new shower fixtures with filters so that dangerous toxins and other unwanted mineral deposits like chlorine can be removed before water is expelled from the faucet.

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